Let’s make plans to enjoy Japan best‼ 10 sites to recommend to you. Experience JAPAN!!

Before you come to Japan, you need to study in order to

enjoy Japan as much as possible.

There really is Japan beyond your imagination.



Websites and applications focusing on comparison of prices and reviews on hotels such as hotels. If you ask questions on the site you refer to in an interview with a foreigner who visits Japan, you will definitely come out as much as you can say.


2.Michelin Travel – Japan Travel Guide


Travel guide of Michelin famous for restaurant evaluation etc. For European and American travelers, it is a biblical existence, and influence has strong influence such as Mt. Takao brought up here as a sightseeing spot.




A well-established portal site for foreigners visiting Japan. It was operated since 1996. The monthly unique user as of June 2015 has 1.48 million people and accessed from Asia, the United States, European countries. Including foreigners planning to visit Japan within a few months, and potential visiting Japanese travelers (foreigners who are interested in Japan and are not planning yet but want to visit Japan someday).


4.Japan Travel .com


Curation site specialized for Japanese tourism built with network of 50 regional partners in 10 languages ​​and 4,000 writers. It is operated by Japan Travel Co., a company operated by a foreigner in the country.

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