From Angels to Dodgers: Shohei Ohtani’s ‘Dekopin’ Hits a Home Run in Fans’ Hearts! The Meaning Behind ‘Dekopin’ Revealed! 大谷翔平の犬の名前は???

“The World Wants to Know Your Dog’s Name”

Shohei Ohtani, aged 29, has made a historic move in professional sports history by transferring from the Los Angeles Angels to the Dodgers with a record-breaking 10-year deal worth 700 million dollars (approximately 101.5 billion yen).

During the introductory press conference on the morning of the 15th, Japanese time, Ohtani, who appeared with his dog during the announcement of the American League’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), sparked interest in the canine companion.

The Origin of the Name

When asked by an American reporter, “During the MVP announcement, your dog was seen on TV, and the world wants to know its name. Is it Dodger? Walker?” Ohtani responded with a smile, “His name is ‘Dekopin’, but it’s a bit hard to pronounce here, so I explain to people here that his original name is ‘Decoy’.”

Furthermore, when a Japanese reporter inquired about the origin of ‘Dekopin’, Ohtani explained, “The name ‘Decoy’ already existed, so I chose a name that felt close to it.”

‘Dekopin’ Hard to Catch?

After the MVP announcement brought nationwide attention to Ohtani’s dog, its name was revealed, and X (former Twitter)’s official MLB account quickly reported, “Shohei’s dog’s name is Decoy!”

However, as Ohtani feared, ‘Dekopin’ was hard to discern, and the Associated Press reported succinctly, “The English name is Decoy, but there is also a Japanese name.”

In November, when Ohtani appeared on a TV broadcast for his second MVP win in two years, he was accompanied by a brown and white dog. Upon winning the MVP, he exchanged a “high five” with the dog, smiling. The breed of the dog is believed to be a Kooikerhondje, a hunting dog originally from the Netherlands.

“Deciphering ‘Dekopin’: The Playful Japanese Gesture That’s More Than Just a Flick!

Ever wondered what ‘Dekopin’ really means in Japanese culture? It’s not just a word; it’s an action that involves playfully tapping someone’s forehead with a finger. Common in Japan, ‘Dekopin’ carries a unique blend of meanings, often seen in games as a light-hearted ‘punishment.’

But there’s more to it than just a playful tap. Among close friends, ‘Dekopin’ transforms into a gentle nudge, a reminder to be cautious next time, accompanied by a friendly ‘watch out!’ It’s a flick filled with affection, a subtle way of saying, ‘Pay attention!’ without sounding too serious.

In the realm of Japanese social nuances, ‘Dekopin’ stands out as a delightful, endearing gesture that encapsulates the essence of playful camaraderie. It’s these little cultural tidbits that add an extra layer of charm to understanding the nuances of Japanese interactions. So, next time you hear ‘Dekopin,’ reme

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