For those who want to buy a used bicycle at a discount (8000 yen or less) in Tokyo, and who live alone, there are secret information and tricks!


“Bicycle” is a super convenient item for living alone or moving to a new life. Bicycles are extremely convenient for convenience stores and small outings! I know that kind of thing!

But … I can’t afford to spend a lot of money on my bike! !! This time, I will show you how to get this convenient bicycle at a low price. It’s rough for less than 10,000 yen! !! !! !!

Would you like to buy a cheap bike at a physical store?

Do you buy online? It’s clear that used bicycles are cheaper than new ones.

Would you like to buy this bike online? Do you buy at a physical store? However, if you are accustomed to purchasing online You may be able to buy a new or used bike without any resistance.

After all it is new and you can rest assured, and it is even cheaper! When it comes to seeking, the bicycle department such as a large department store may be the aim!


Bicycles as “convenient items” here are for commuting to school and work, for a little convenience store, and for a little foot when going out. .. ..

Because it is a bicycle, it is a different story when it comes to “stylish”, “fashionable” and “competition”.

I don’t think it’s difficult to find a bicycle that is close to the so-called “mamachari” type at a low price both in stores and online, but there are countless types and prices, so what is the deciding factor? Is the point.


I want to buy a bicycle cheaply using the Internet!

As I explained earlier, it is not so difficult to find a cheap bicycle using (searching for) the Internet.

So where should you look for it? ?? ??

It will be You can also find a sufficiently cheap bicycle at Yahoo Auction or Rakuten. Recently,

I’ve handed over used items called Jimoty₍ジモティ₎, which I don’t need! You can also use the site with the theme of!


* ↑ Link to Jimoty’s bicycle search!

Please be careful about the seller’s response when purchasing a bicycle at Yahoo Auction, Rakuten, Jimoty mentioned above, etc.

As a person who wants a good bicycle that is cheap and long-lasting, I want to avoid losing bicycles!

When the bicycle arrives. .. .. There was a scratch. It wasn’t what I expected. Before purchasing, so as not to complain

Let’s ask the exhibited car what you are interested in. If the seller responds quickly and politely here,

you will get a bicycle that you can understand. Furthermore, the other party may be selling

“unnecessary items”, so price negotiations are also ants! If the seller lives in a relatively close place, I think it is possible to get on and come back. At that time, you can understand the feeling of the bicycle, and if you have moved to a new city, you will find many new discoveries.


Go to a physical store or a bicycle shop and look for a cheap bicycle!

Is the biggest advantage of going to the store to eliminate the anxiety?

You can actually ride a bicycle, ask a person who is familiar with the shop, and so on, and your doubts and anxieties will be resolved on the spot.

In some cases, there are not a few guarantees.

The recommended actual store here is a large department store such as Aeon if it is a new car.

Because there are stores all over the country There are a lot of cheap bicycles because the cost is reduced because the number of bicycles is made.

Recently, Yodobashi Camera, a large-scale mass retailer, also handles bicycles, and the knowledge of the staff is such that there is a specialized department, so it is kind and polite! It may be a surprising aim!

* The bicycle section of Yodobashi Camera is surprisingly specialized!


How to get a good bicycle at a discount that everyone in the know knows!

After all, a new car is good, but … I can’t afford that much, but I’m really happy if I can ride for a long time.

What’s really lucky is that you’re lucky to get it from an acquaintance or get it from your relatives or relatives!

Is there any other way to get a cheap and good bike? ?? ?? There is!

Let’s aim for recycled bicycles from local governments!
Speaking of Minato-ku, Tokyo …


I have used it twice!

You can get a bicycle as good as new for less than 10,000 yen! It’s a lottery, so it’s better to go with your family!

Is it a new MUJI product? I was able to purchase a nice bicycle for 7900 yen! !!


You can purchase it even if you are outside Minato-ku, Tokyo!

And with after-sales service! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! However, we do not deliver. be careful.



Minato Ward Recycled Bicycle Sales


(Public corporation) Minato-ku Silver Human Resources Center Recycled bicycle work sales office

TEL: 03-3479-3116 (Tuesday-Friday 9: 00-17: 00) (Public corporation)

Minato-ku Silver Human Resources Center TEL: 03-5232-9681 (Monday-Friday 9: 00-17: 00)



It is also held in other local governments in the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Chiyoda Ward Recycling Center Kamakura Bridge




I think there are many ways to buy cheaply, but it’s ridiculous to fail because it’s too cheap (Is it a study fee?), So make your own purchase. If you don’t need it anymore, there is a demand for “bicycles” as many questions are asked about listings such as Jimoty mentioned above. Bicycle rules have become stricter in recent years, so please follow the rules and have a fun bicycle life!


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