Pokémon Announces “Poké Park Kanto” in Tokyo’s Yomiuri Land – Opening Date Yet to be Decided

New Facility Themed After Pokémon’s Roots in the Kanto Region

Pokémon Company has announced the establishment of a new entertainment venture, “Poké Park Kanto,” within Tokyo’s popular amusement facility, Yomiuri Land, on the 12th. The opening date is still to be decided.

Facility Inspired by the First Pokémon Games

Inspired by the Kanto region, the setting of the first Pokémon video game “Pokémon Red and Green” released in 1996, this facility will be located in Yomiuri Land, situated in Tama Hills, Tokyo, an area known for its rich natural environment. Hence, the facility is aptly named “Poké Park Kanto,” drawing from the original Kanto region.

A History of Diverse Collaborations

Pokémon, along with Yomiuri Land and Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office, have established “Poké Park Kanto LLC.” Past collaborations include the Yomiuri Newspaper series “Learn Proverbs with Pokémon,” the Pokémon Ryuo Battle, a chess tournament, and “Pokémon Wonder,” a nature adventure initiated in 2021.

A Message to Pokémon Fans Worldwide

The new facility aims to be an international tourist spot where “Pokémon fans from around the world can gather.” A statement released says, “We aim to create a space where people can enjoy Pokémon in this nature-rich land, transcending national and language barriers.”

Pokémon Company: A Global Entertainment Leader

Multifaceted Business Expansion of Pokémon

Under the group vision of “Connecting the World with Pokémon,” Pokémon Company manages its brand across various domains. This vision encompasses the origin of “games,” extending to “card games,” “TV animations and movies,” “merchandise,” “tie-up promotions,” “events,” and “directly-operated Pokémon Centers.”

Long-Term Cooperation with Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office

Pokémon Company has built a long-term cooperative relationship with Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office. Notable initiatives include the “Learn Proverbs with Pokémon” series started in 2009 and the Pokémon Ryuo Battle, a top-tier chess tournament initiated in 2014.

Innovative Projects with Yomiuri Land

Furthermore, Pokémon Company collaborates with Yomiuri Land. A highlight of this partnership is “Pokémon Wonder,” a nature adventure started in 2021 within Yomiuri Land. This project offers an experience of interacting with Pokémon in nature, bringing new entertainment to visitors.


“Poké Park Kanto” is anticipated as a new type of attraction facility, merging Pokémon’s history with Tokyo’s natural beauty. Fans eagerly await further updates on its opening.

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